Company Profile


A dynamic lean company innovating the flight gear world providing a unique selection of high-level flight helmets and gears  'Made in Italy' for military and civil pilots all over the world.

Driven by our passion for aviation and supported by our technical knowledge, we started repairing, upgrading, and customizing pilot flight helmets, and quickly we have expanded our range of products and services covering our own line of flight helmets, flight gears, training, and counseling. 

We source the best materials and the latest technologies around the world to create our unique products and to deliver an unprecedented level of safety and comfort to all customers around the globe.

Our Mission

                         Promoting the aviation safety culture educating pilots and operators throughout the importance of the use of flight safety gear.

          Innovating the industry with new products and solutions to push the boundaries of flight helmets performance by implementing new technologies.

                 Enhancing the style of our helmets and accessories with a thoughtful design process selecting the most suitable material for each application.

Our Values

We aspire to all our work will be characterized by these values.

- SAFETY -  Sharing our safety culture and our know-how makes our customers aware of what we capable of, what we can offer, and why we are better at doing it.

- EDUCATION - educated customer/pilot, is a better customer that can choose the best solution for his needs and benefit the most from his budget.

- INNOVATION - there is no progress without change, and we pursue this value in all activities and products we release.

INTEGRITY - We can be trusted to be honest and truthful, to say what we mean, and to do what we say.

- HONORABLE PURPOSE - We aim to impact each of our customers, to have the solutions they were looking for a long time, and change their life with our actions and services.

- ACCOUNTABILITY - We want to see our customers happy, but we are not afraid of the criticism to be better and improve our operations and functions.

Our Company Purpose

Custom Flight Helmets' purpose is going behind selling physical products.

- IDEAS - We are not selling flight helmet, but ideas, expertise, and know-how concentred in all the products we release.

- LISTEN - We listen carefully to the customer's problem and needs.

- SOLUTION - We provide a solution to each specific needs as well we can use our expertise to find the best possible alternative.

- MAKING THE DIFFERENCE - We are here to support our customers and if a solution is not available to try to find a new one fitting his needs.

- SATISFACTION - Striving for customer satisfaction for each flight helmets, spares, and accessories we produce. 

- LEADERS - Be the reference in what we do best and  a point of reference for all the competitors 

Our Promise

"Custom Flight Helmets" with its unique flight helmets and flight gears reflects the core spirit of our company of pushing the bounds of style, material, and the quality of the final product to an unprecedented level that distinguishes us around the world. We use our expert skills and top-quality materials like leather, paint, textile, and electronics to deliver a unique product every time.

Happy customers