Elisa Bretterebner and the Skytexters

Who is Elisa Bretterebner? A short bio to present yourself,

I am a female aerobatic pilot from Aigen im Ennstal, Austria. I fell in love with aviation since I could reach the rudder pedals of our Blaník glider :-)

I started gliding at the of 15, followed by my private pilot license, ultralight license, and aerobatic license, and flight instructor license.

I love to share my passion and my experience with our student pilots and even more to do aerobatics and formation flights with my friends.

It is true that women have been involved in aviation since its dawn, though it is also true that aviation is a business with a strong male presence. 

How challenging was it for you in order to get to the top?

Of course, there has been skepticism when there is a young girl, not even having a driving license, but soloing gliders at the age of 15. 

However, within a short period of time, they took note of my enthusiasm and my talent. 

The respect came by itself after that.

How did you guys come in contact? How was the team created?

Our team leader, Tim Tibo, saw Skytexting in international airshows and thought “That ́s so cool, I got do this at home with my friends”. 

His friend, Kai Joppich, is also a member of the team. 

I have known Kai for years and we have been friends for a long time. 

During one of our flights, last summer, Kai told me about the cool idea behind The Skytexter.

We did some test flights together and now, after all, I am really happy and proud to be part of this team! 

In addition to our exciting moments in the air, we also share a strong team spirit on the ground.

Are you all Austrian Nationals?

Besides me, only Stefan Walch, who shares the Extra with me, is Austrian. 

My other colleagues are all German.

Trust is probably the most important element in an air-acrobatic team, can you name another one?

In my opinion, reliability is very important and also not taking unnecessary risks. 

Many pilots want to impress others by doing stupid things. 

My credo is to stay focused and fly high but with "your feet on the ground'.

Do you work in the air also when you don't fly with the Skytexters?

No, I run a small company when not airborne.

Having a clear, blue sky seems to be an essential premise in order to write effectively with the smoke, 

could you guys also write with other colors than white?

Yes, we could use colored smoke, but we don't want to because the planes would look like a mess.

You have also experience in flying the Super Decathlon, could you Skytext with one?

Indeed, I did my aerobatic license on a Super Decathlon, but honestly speaking, I fell in love when flying the Extra for the first time. 

The performance of the Extra is not only a pleasure for aerobatics but also for reaching fast high altitudes for sky-texting. 

We usually text at FL100 or FL110, therefore high rates of climb and cruising are very important.

Plans for upgrades to the Extra NG.

At the moment I am quite happy with my Extra 300L.

The most demanding acrobatic figure for an aerobatic pilot.

One of the best things about aerobatics is that you always keep improving yourself in order to stay sharp for new challenges.

A Looping can be as challenging as a rolling turn later on. 

With the increase of experience, there is always the tendency to push our own limits every time a little further, though in general it never gets boring.

There so many combinations of rolls and figures that a pilot can perform the overall axis of the plane.

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