Flight Helmet Refurbishing, Upgrade and Repair

"Even after all those years of faithful service, your Flight Helmet could shine again to new life."

A flight helmet as all other personal flight gears has to be considered not only an investment in personal safety but as well as a faithful companion that will follow your flight adventures for many years. A well-cared flight helmet could last for a very long time, but when the sign of all those years of flight use is beginning to show on your flight helmet, you could send it to us for a complete service, repair, or upgrade.

We are dealing with all refurbishments works with an honest, open approach. We always suggest to our customers in the best possible way to make every flight helmet we refurbish safe to be used inflight. Still, if sometimes we feel that the flight helmet is very tired and too much worn out, we will suggest our customer a feasible solution up to to a suitable replacement.

After a preliminary discussion about the customer needs and agreed on a list of works to be carried out.

We'll inspect with a detailed checklist and see what it's needed to make it airworthy again.

You could choose to replace just worn-out and non-functioning parts or give it a full new life with a complete refurbishment that will get back your beloved flight helmet to a better than new status.

The refurbishment process will make your flight helmet look and feel again as it came out from the factory or even better with the installation of our new custom made accessories.
Depending on the flight helmet model/type, a full refurbishment could last up to 7 weeks due to the spare parts availability and the list of works or upgrades to be carried out.
We always suggest to our customers that a flight helmet full refurbishment is also the best time to do an upgrade in the comm or other details.

The flight helmet graphic, interior, leather, comm, electronics, and many other details could be arranged according to your wishes and taste.

The Refurbishment Process

The refurbishment process could be compared to the paint job process, and it could be resumed in 6 steps where the customer is going to be guided through to arrive to have back his flight helmet wholly new and ready to be used.

The first three stages are the work preparation stages, they are going to be very tight to each other, and they are the ones where the customer is the most involved to explain and decided what the best course of action is.

The last three stages are where the action and the flight helmet are taken care of, and it's getting refurbished, repaired, painted, upgraded to anew life.

Stage 1

Tell us what you want

Stage 2

Flight helmet check

Stage 3

Checklist preparation

Stage 4

Order Confirmation

Stage 5

Full refurbishment

Stage 6

The Finish Line

Stage 1

In the first stage, the customer provides us the information needed to proceed further with the consultation; it's a critical phase cause it's where we can determine the flight helmet's initial condition and what the customer wants to achieve.

It is also vital at this stage that the customer provides correct information for a complete evaluation and an accurate proposal to avoid delays, misunderstanding, correction at a later stage.

In case there is a print job involved or unique graphics to be implemented, we require that all logos and images to be applied in the helmet graphic design are provided in the best possible quality and a format as the VECTOR format.

Stage 2

We need to have a few good quality pictures of the flight helmet to determine the flight helmet brand/model and its condition before proceeding to the next stages.

During this stage, we will prepare a list of works that should be carried out based on the information we got from our customers, and we let sign our terms and conditions to the customer.

Stage 3

The checklist phase is where a proposal is prepared, the last details discussed with the customer to be able to plan the work.
Stage 3 is the result of the inputs we gathered and agreed on in the first two stages and where an expected delivery date is proposed.

Stage 4

In this stage, the real work starts, the shipping process is arranged with the customer, and the refurbishment proposal signed, depending on the type of work to be carried out, we may require a downpayment to secure the job.

Stage 5

The flight helmet is in the out shop and the job starts, checked again on arrival, stripped of the old parts the flight helmet is tiered down to the bare shell to start all the process.
It takes up to 7 weeks to complete a full refurbishment depending on the type of flight helmet and the work needed.
During this stage, we can refine as well the delivery date, and we will care to keep the customer informed about the work advancement till his end.

Stage 6

The flight helmet is now completed.

There will be still some short time needed for the reassembly, we will send you pictures of the newly refurbished flight helmet and we will agree to the best delivery method but also to settle down remaining the pending invoice and shipment cost.
We want to advise our customer that no goods will leave our shop without a complete settle down of any pending final invoices as per our terms and conditions.

The flight helmet Repair process

We can repair all kinds of flight helmets using the original spare for current or old flight helmets.

We are welcoming any projects, and for each customer, we will evaluate the flight helmet condition, prepare a proposal for the repair, suggest the best way to proceed, and have your flight helmet safe and sound again in a short time.

Sometimes it's just about having a faithful workhorse in shape again, and the main job is to replace some worn-out parts and to restore the main helmet details or to fix some component that went broken.

To respect the heritage of an extended worn flight helmet, sometimes just replacing the leather or some worn parts could make the helmet shine again and last for many other years.

The flight helmet Upgrade process

"How is wrong when a beautiful flight converts into an uncomfortable nightmare wearing a painful flight gear "

Our experience with different flight helmet brands and feedback we had from our customers make us study and create a solution to improve the comfort, noise reduction, details.
We developed for the Gentex and the MSA Gallet flight helmet new interiors upgrades and modifications to make your style shine every flight you do.

When the customer sends us a helmet for repair or refurbishment is also the best time to have an upgrade carried out with our custom-made accessories and parts.

We are sourcing the most beautiful Italian leather directly from the producers to finish our Custom flight Helme.

We can match any custom color, add your organization logo, graphic design, or original artwork to your helmet to create unique solutions able to enhance your comfort, image, brand, and pilot style.

We are continuously expanding our range of flight helmet products and upgrades for the flight helmet brands and model around as there are many upgrades that we can perform at the flight helmets, from the com system to the paint job or the leather accessories, visors, interiors, all studied to make your flight helmet shine even more after all the year spent on your head.

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