Research & Development

“ The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward.”
- Igor Sikorsky

We are deeply convinced of the importance of technological innovation within our company together with human heritage, cause it constitutes one of the fundamental drivers of growth and change.

Improve existing products, feel hungry to create new ones, improve technological processes, continuously revising the current status quo to raise the bar are the main cornerstones of our R&D activity.

Research and Development activity means experience and competence, we operate only with qualified and experienced personnel for each new idea we have in mind to define a new path for the followers.

Thanks to excellent collaborations, including university experts, industry professionals, and internationally renowned Pilots and Athletes, we can obtain an essential exchange of information and valuable feedbacks able to push our boundaries and move forward our Know-How of inflight safety and system integration.

We are looking to integrate our flight helmet know-how and provide our expertise to innovative exciting projects and leading worldwide aviation firms to redefine the flight helmet and gears concept and usage.

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