Horus Flight Helmet

Horus Flight Helmet

The reason we created the Horus Modular Aircrew Helmet?

We want to offer pilots the ultimate flight helmet, the end of the line in the search for the ideal headgear.

We are now changing for good how pilots feel about their helmet worldwide.

We accepted this huge challenge by making helmets that are First in quality, Beautifully designed, and Simple to use & maintain: In other words the true essence of Made in Italy.

Horus was born from the visionary mind of Marco Marziali, entrepreneur and pilot.

Italian design, style & manufacture.
More colors.
Racing Motorsport Technology.
Titanium Gr5 custom made parts
Outstanding Noise Attenuation.
Superb comfort individually Custom Fit.
Integrated Ventilation System.
" Be searchable " with the Recco Search & Rescue System.
Three GoPro mount points are available on the flight helmet.

Configure your Horus

Choose you prefered helmet color shade according to the RAL standard color code
Need a special paint job design? Choose you custom design option from basic to top graphic.
Choose your liner thickness according to your head size, smaller head need a thicker liner.
Choose your comm setup according to the type of flight and radio setup
choose your mic type for civil or military & warbird radio setup
Choose your active noise reduction system prefered setup
Choose your prefered visor color to match your helmet graphic and style
Choose the color of your leather visor cover to match your helmet graphic and helmet logo
To use you Horus flight helmet with the oxygen mask for high altitude flying
specific action camera mount for your flight helmet

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Helmet Shell construction

HORUSflight helmet shell is manufactured with aviation-grade epoxy resin Carbon/Kevlar prepreg and reinforced with Zylon PBO aramid fabric inserts.

  • Helmet Shell target weight 280gr+/-30gr.
  • Ready to Fly helmet target weight 850gr+/-50gr.

The Horus Helmet shell meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-87174/A impact protection
The Horus Helmet shell meets or exceeds MIL-DTL-87174/A perforation protection
The Horus Helmet shell meets or exceeds the EN996 impact and perforation protection

Helmet Retention System

The fire retardant Kevlar webbing type chin retention system with side steel plates is matched with a quick-release self-extinguishing micrometric adjustment buckle.

Meets or exceeds the ANSI Z 90.1 1992

Helmet visors

HORUS Flight helmet has a single visor system manufactured using a 2.0mm Lexan Polycarbonate with anti-scratch / antifog coating.

A locking visor system plus a quick-release down position locking safety system is provided. The Visors are available in standard 70% dark finishing, Clear, high contrast, iridium colors. No tools needed to remove and replace the visor system or to add the visor cover assy.

Visors meet or exceed the MIL-V-43511 standards.

Helmet pads and liner

A Fire retardant treated MTP foam core in different thicknesses with Coolmax padded fabric liner is provided to adjust the helmet to the different head sizes and to enhance comfort.

A Kevlar fire retardant Thread is in all liner stitching.

A 3D mesh is placed in the helmet ventilation areas to increase airflow ventilation.

Helmet components details

all plastic components are flame-retardant treated

Helmet Components Features Accessories

  • All parts are made with self-extinguishing plastic.
  • AL 7075 CNC machined aluminum visor screws with anodized finish.

  • COMM setup is made in according to the customer and radio setup:

    Mil-spec set up 5-8 ohm / Civil-spec set up to 300ohm.

  • Comm module with integrated speaker volume control.

  • Integrated CEP system.

  • Compatible with Gentex MBU-12 / MBU20 oxygen Mask.

  • Removable Maxillo Facial protection.

  • Removable Visor cover with NVG quick release plate.

  • Quick-release NVG plate.

  • Flight helmet integrated action cameras attachments with removable lightweight sliders.