Flight Helmet Customization

The Customization Stages

To guarantee a smooth customization process and to help our clients to understand how a high-quality, fully custom-made product is created and delivered, we created this simple 6 stage production process scheme.

Stage 1

Tell us what you want

Stage 2

Design consultation

Stage 3

Design concept

Stage 4

Order Confirmation

Stage 5

Painting phase

Stage 6

Finish Line

Stage 1

You'll select a design package and provide us with specific information on colors, finishing, dull, metallic, pearl, candy, or chrome color with the corresponding RAL or PANTONE code if available.

The quickest way to proceed is to have an available inspiring image of a helmet to create a specific custom design.

You must provide correct information from the beginning to avoid delays, misunderstandings, or corrections at a later stage.

Logos and images to be implemented in the helmet graphic design must be provided in the best possible quality and a format like the VECTOR format.

Stage 2

After we receive your inquiry, we'll ask you to review and agree to our terms and conditions, and we move to stage 3.

Stage 3

We will provide you a quotation based on the design inputs we gathered and agreed in phase 1 and phase 2.

Stage 4

During this customization stage, we will confirm an expected delivery date for your flight helmet, and you can proceed with a deposit to secure the production slot. If there is an extra task to be carried out to your flight helmet or if you are buying a new flight helmet from our store, we will inform you of the expected delivery date based on the final configuration chosen and the stock availability.

Stage 5

Completion of Custom Flight helmets can take 3 to 6 weeks. We will keep you updated along the way regarding the job progress.

Custom-made paint jobs are a time-consuming process. We ask our clients to be patient while we will make your custom products with care. We will send regular updates about work advancement until the completion.

Stage 6

Once all the work is completed, there will be a short time needed for reassembly. We will send you pictures of your finished helmet and agree to the best delivery method. Any pending payment is due when the flight helmet is ready to ship.

We will ship your helmet once the final invoice has been paid as per our terms and conditions.

The Flight Helmet Customization Process

The realization of any custom made graphic design is a complex but straight forward process where the customer is a proactive part of the graphic design.

The initial phases of the graphic concept preparation and the mutual agreement on a specific design, idea, colors, and details are the most critical and demanding stages. We want to get it right to avoid unwanted delays at a later stage and a possible misunderstanding during the paint job stage and finishing process.

When there is a sponsorship involved with the design of a custom made graphic, we require the client to be in touch with the sponsor before starting the process and to be sure about specific points to be followed during the artistic work. We'll need all of the possible details like logos, graphics, colors, finishing, …etc.

If a concept design has to be submitted to the main sponsors for approval, we require the client to advise us of early on in the project to be able to suggest the best possible way and to plan the work ahead of time and avoid potential delays.

A full helmet customization process could last from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of design chosen, the type of flight helmet, or if there is any other side work to be carried out along with the custom paint job.

The best possible way to produce a top-quality paint job is by three separated phases:

  • Flight helmet disassembly to the bare shell,
  • The masking process and full paint job,
  • The reassembly phase.

Our price reflects the preparation work needed and the necessary reassembly work after work completion. For some flight helmets, the only solution during the preparation phase is to strip and to replace some details or leather parts with new ones.

We do our best to make the customization process proceed as smoothly as possible. We always work toward hitting the deadlines, and if we feel the job may slip in time, we do our best to let you know in advance.

Some paint or special finishing with chrome effect and some metallic or inked based paint needs the right amount of time and work to be applied correctly. If there is a tight deadline to hit, we might have a waiting list at the time of your first contact, and the work will have to be scheduled.

We advise our customers to be in touch with us well in advance to be able to perform our customization process at our best capabilities, leaving some spare time for any unforeseen delays or design changes.

Custom Flight helmets reserve the right to refuse any late changes to the agreed helmet design as well any alteration of the paint job at any stage of its completion as it could require a complete helmet rework.

All late design or paint job changes of the helmet's initial design has to be carefully discussed and confirmed by written email agreement at customercare@cfhelmets.com before starting any new graphic design alteration or a revised helmet paint job.

Pricing Guide

Each quote we provide is unique to each clients' request.




Full Gear

Design time 1h
Design time 2h
Design time 4h
Design time 6h
1 solid color
Up to 3 base solid colors
Up to 4 base colors
Up to 4 base colors
NO effect or special finishing
Basic airbrush effects
Unique base colors as metallic, pearl, candy, flakes
Unique base colors as metallic, pearl, candy, flakes mixed together
Possible name or custom stickers to be added
Sponsor name or custom stickers to be added at the helmet sides
Sponsor name or custom stickers to be added at the helmet sides
Sponsor name or custom stickers to be added at the helmet sides
Name or custom stickers to be added in the backside
Moderate airbrushing
Detailed airbrushing
Choice of matt or glossy finishing effect
Combination of matt and glossy finishing effects together
Detail pattern work with visual effects
Special effect requests to be included
USD 400*

USD 650*

USD 850*

USD 1100*


  • The prices above do not include design add on's or different finishing; the final price could be affected by several factors depending on the client's personal request and preferences.
  • Prices do not include possible VAT; it may vary and should be added to the final price depending on the flight helmet shipping country.

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